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In Creative Insurance we make sure that you get the protection that your family deserves, consider what coverage you actually need against what coverage is being recommended by one of our  the agent.

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Car insurance is quite a complicated subject. There are so many different types of policy offering so many different levels of cover that it is important sometimes to find someone who can fully explain them to you. Not only that, it can be useful to have someone who can help you arrange the policy once you have chosen the correct one. Ideally, an insurance broker’s job is to work to find the best insurance policy for you from a range of insurance companies. It is very important that you find out what sort of broker they are. Some insurance brokers are independent intermediaries, who are able to help find the best policy from a large range of insurers. Some of the intermediaries will call themselves an insurance ‘consultant’ or ‘agent’.

Creative Insurance highly recommends Rizk Insurance, the best Calgary Car Insurance Brokers.


Accidents and tickets can make insurance more expensive. Your auto insurance costs could increase by 15-20% when you are responsible for an accident, even if you are an experienced driver with six or more years of driving. Three speeding tickets or other “moving violations” in three years can mean at least a 25% increase in your insurance.

Car Insurance

It’s no secret. Some people pay more than others for the same coverage. It is important to keep in mind that the car insurance premium that you pay can be affected by many factors, including some factors that you have no control over.


Home Insurance

It is worth saying that the most important advantage of purchasing home insurance policy is that your personal stress level will become much lower as well. Now you may just say goodbye to any stress that you used to take daily for your home protection.


Health Insurance

Many beneficiaries cannot be located or may be leaving Life Insurance unclaimed. When you die, your life insurance forms part of your estate – but it does not always form part of your will. Will your life Insurance be located?


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